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 About Egypt

Geography: Egypt lies in the northern corner of Africa. It is bounded by the international frontiers of the Mediterranean Sea in the North, the Red Sea in the East, Libya in the west and Sudan in the south.

Area: The total area of Egypt is 1.2 million Km2

Capital: Cairo

Topography: Egypt is geographically divided into four main divisions:

  • The Nile Valley and Delta (approx. 33,000 Km2 ).
  • Western Desert ( approx. 680,000 Km2 ).
The Northern Section: it includes the coastal plain, the northern plateau and the Great Depression, the Natroun Valley and Baharia Oasis.
The South: El-Owainat in the far south.

The Eastern Desert ( approx. 325,000 Km2 ).

Peninsula ( approx. 61,000 Km2 ).

The southern section: it involves extremely tough terrain that is composed of high-rise granite mountains. Mount Catherine rises about 2640 meters above sea level, thus making it the highest mountaintop in Egypt.

The Central section: it comprises the area bounded by the Mediterranean to the North.

At-Teeh plateau to the south: it is a plain area having abundant water resources derived from rainwater flowing from southern heights to the central plateau.

Climate: The Egyptian climate is influenced by the factors of location, topography, and general system for pressure and water surfaces. These aspects affect Egypt's climate dividing it into several regions. Egypt lies in the dry equatorial region except its northern areas located within the moderate warm region with a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean region. It is warm and dry in the summer and moderate with limited rainfall increasing at the coast in winter. The annual average day and nighttime temperatures in Lower and Upper Egypt is 20 and 25, and 7 and 17 respectively.

Water Resources: Egypt depends on three main sources; the River Nile water, rain fall and floods in addition to ground water.

Mineral & Oil Resources: Egypt is endowed with a fortune of important metals such as phosphates, raw iron and oil.

Language: Arabic is the formal language. English, the first foreign language, along with French, are used in business activities.
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